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Search Result page

To modify the theme, you have to open the customize page. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to here.

To edit the collection page, in Customize page, click Theme Settings > Search result page.

search result settings

1. General Settings:

- Limit : the number of products per page. If you turn on infinity loading feature, "Limit" is the number of products per one loading time.

- Default layout : pick a layout to display the search result items.

2. Infinity loading:

If your collection has so many products, you can use this feature to allow customers to view all your products.

- Enable : turn on/off this feature.

- Load products when a customer :

+ Scroll to load more button : when a customer scrolls down until the load more button appears in his viewport, the next products will be loaded.

+ Click to load more button : the load more button will be visible, the customer will click this button to load the next products.

3. Product item:

View here for the details.

4. Blog article item:

Only apply when the search result displays the articles.

- Show author : show/hide the author.

- Show date : show/hide the article's creation date.