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Sales Notifications

To modify the theme, you have to open the customize page. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to here.

Let's your visitors know they aren't the only ones shopping into your Shopify store. You set up the frequency you want it to show up and choose a collection you want to display the products belong it.

sales notifications

sales notifications edit

You can configure the followed settings:

- Active : enable this feature.

- Pick a product collection : choose a collection to show the products.

- Limit : the number of products will be shown.

- Image size : the size to scale product image.

- "Minute from number" and "Minute to number" : in sales notification, you will see a text like this "19 minutes ago". Number 19 is generated in a range ["Minute from number" , "Minute to number"].

- The time to display(seconds) : the time sales notifications is displaying a product before it is hidden to show another product.
- The waiting time to display(seconds) : the time sales notifications is being hidden before it's been visible to display the next product.
- Hide on mobile : hide sales notifications on mobile.