Product global settings

To modify the theme, you have to open the customize page. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to here.

These are the common settings for all products which be displayed on all pages. To change these settings, in Customize page, click "Theme Settings", then click "Product Settings".

1. General settings:

- Enable quick view button : turn on/off quick view button on all pages.

- Show option as a drop-down : add the name of options which you want to show them as a drop-down.

2. Comparison feature:

- Enable : turn on/off comparison feature on your site. If you untick this checkbox, the compare button and popup will be hidden.

- Truncate product's name in comparison popup : if your product name is too long, you can specify the number of words to show the product name.

3. Product Group images:

In our themes, you can focus customers into an option they are viewing by hiding the product images are not related with current option. Ex: group product images based on "color" option.

group images example

The settings:

- Enable : tick this checkbox to group the product image based on an option you want.

- Group option name : add the name of an option you want to group product images. Ex: add "color" to group the images based on color values. Come back above example: we will show you an example of how to set up to group the product images based on color option.

+ Step 1 : tick the "enable" checkbox and add "color" to "Group option name". View below image:

group images settings

+ Step 2 : go to the products page.

products page

Then click a product you want to group. Scroll down to the images area, image the images you want to group for each color. View below images:

group images list

group images variants

Click "alt" icon of an image you want to group.

group images alt icon

Then just add "group-" to "Alt" field to assign this image to the corresponding color group. Example: add "group-blue" to assign this image to "blue" group.

group images alt text

Note: "handle-color-name"must be followed handle strings in Shopify, refer Example: you have color is “White”, just add “group-white”, or “group-yellow” for “Yellow” color. But if your color name has many words such as “Dark Blue”, just add “group-dark-blue”. The special characters comma, space,... are not allowed in handle-color-name.

4. Countdown timer:

countdown timer

- Untick the checkbox if you want to hide the countdown timer on all pages.

- Countdown Expression : if you want to reset the countdown timer when it ends automatically, use format: DD:HH:II:SS, example: 00:05:30:00. And if you want to set up a specified date to end countdown, use format YYYY/MM/DD HH:II:SS, example: 2019/01/30 05:30:00. You can use this format to add own countdown timer for each product by using Product Metafields with namespace: btt, key: countdown, value type is string. Please refer to to here for setting up Product Metafields.

5. Review apps:

review apps

- Untick this checkbox if you don't want to show the reviews on all pages.

- Our themes have been integrated some popular Shopify review apps. You only need to install these apps without changing any codes to show the reviews.

+ Product review by Shopify : install at here.

+ Ali Reviews app : install at here.

+ Ryviu app : install at here.

+ Yotpo app : install at here.

+ Loox app : install at here to receive an extended 30-day free trial (instead of the usual 14).

- Check other apps if you don't want to use the above apps.

6. Color swatches:

You can choose the way to display the color options. Use the variant image or custom colors. The custom colors are configured in Theme settings > Product Settings > Custom color codes.

7. Custom color codes:

Color product tag must match with the color name. Ex: if you have a color name is "Light Blue", you have to add color product tag is "light-blue".

custom color codes