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Product metafields settings

This article will help you know how to add/edit/remove a product metafields in Shopify. IF you don't know what metafields is, please refer to to this article

1. Use the Chrome addon:

Go to to install Shopify FD Dashboard tool.

shopify FD icon

A panel will appear, just add Namespace, Key and Value in this panel then click "Save" button, or click "Save as Integer" if your value is an integer number.

shopify FD panel

2. Use Shopify apps:

There are so many Shopify apps for editing metafields. So in this article, we only show you some popular apps.

a. Excelify app:

If you have so many products, you can use this app Excelify to export products to Excel file, edit metafields as columns for all your products and re-import to your site all at once.

b. Metafields Editor app:

Go to then click the "Add app" button then click Install app.

install app 1

After installed, the Metafields Editor app will be shown in your Shopify admin > Apps. Click Metafieds Editor app, you will be redirected to the new page. In this page, find the product you want to add metafields then click "Add New Metafield" button.

install app 2

A new panel will appear, add your namespace, key, value type, and value.

install app 3

Note: in our theme, all metafields which our theme supports have namespace is "btt".