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Product label settings

To modify the theme, you have to open the customize page. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to here.

Our theme provides 4+ product labels(new, best selling, trending and new) to display in product grid or the product page. To change these labels, in Customize page, click "Theme Settings", then click "Product Labels".

Note: this configuration only helps you set up product labels. Showing labels depends on the product item settings in each section. View here for details.

1. "New", "best selling" and "trending" labels:

label tag

With these labels, just tick the checkbox in corresponding label settings area to enable them, you can also add text for the labels, change color and background. However, to the labels are displayed, you need to add the tag for the product. Below is tag name to display labels:

- "new" : add a tag with a name is "new" to display "new" label.

- "best" : add a tag with a name is "best" to display "best selling" label.

- "trend" : add a tag with a name is "trend" to display "trending" label.

2. "Deal" label:

IF you activate this label, the label will be shown automatically when a product has the compare price and compare price must be greater than the price.

Like other labels, you can add text, change color and background for "deal" label. You can also display the percent number dynamically by choosing "Label Type" is "Percent Number".

label deal