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Product item settings

These settings will help you control how to a product is displayed in a product grid or slider. These settings appear in some sections such as Powerful Product block, Banner Creator pro, Product page section...

Now will explore all setting fields :

- Choose item size : change size of an item. That also helps you change the number of items per row. In slider format, this configuration will help you change the number of items is shown in a slide. Below is a summary of all values:

Item size The number of items per rows
Desktop mobile
Small 5 2
Medium 4 2
Large 3 2
Very Large 2 1

- Show main thumbnail by : specify the thumbnail of the product will be displayed. There are 2 values for this configuration.

+ Featured product image.

product item 1

+ First available variant image.

product item 2

- Image size : enter the size to resize an image. This configuration will help you display a smaller image instead origin image, that will help to improve the site's performance. If you choose "item size" is small or medium, you can add an image size such as "200x" or "300x". Note: recommend to use the syntax: "[width]x" instead of "[width]x[height]" so that the height will be scaled depends on width. That will help your images will not be broken when the site resizes your images.

- Show label : show/hide the product labels. You can configure the product labels in Theme Settings > Product Labels.

- Show add to cart button : show/hide the add to cart button.

- Show quick shop button : show/hide the quick shop button. This button will help customers view your product quickly without going to the product page. When customers click this button, a quick view popup will be displayed to help customers can view the product and buy it.

product item 3

- Show compare button : show/hide the compare button. This button helps customers add the products to the comparison list so that they can compare the attributes of products such as price, image, description,... and buy the products they like.

product item 4


- Show media button : this button is used to display the product images in the Lightbox screen.

- Show review stars : display the product reviews base on your review app you are using. You can configure the review app in Theme Settings > Product Settings > Review app.

- Enable product options : show the product options so that customers can choose the option and purchase without going to the product page.

product item 5

The option has the name is "color" or "colour" will be shown as "Color Swatches" format. Other options will be shown as small buttons. You can also display options as a drop-down format in Theme Settings > Product Settings > "Show option as a drop-down", just add your option name in this field.

- Show countdown timer : show/hide the countdown timer. You can configure countdown time for all products or different products.

- Show product vendors : show/hide product vendors as a brand name.

- Show small images : show/hide small images. You can also change small image size in the below select box.

product item 6

Note: the small images in our demo has been grouped based on color. You can view this article for details about that.

-Product name's size : if your product name is too long, you can make it shorter with this configuration. Just drag to the number of words you want to show, the product name will be displayed shorter. And leave zero if you want to display the full product name.