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Logo list section

To modify the theme, you have to open the customize page. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to here.

With this section, you can display a list of logo brands in a slider or grid format.

logo list

To add a Logo list section, in customize page, just click "Add section" button then choose "Logo list", then click "Add" button.

logo list add

Like other sections, Logo list section also has the gutter configuration to help you create the distance between sections. View here for the details. In addition, this section also has own common settings.

1. General settings:

- Heading : add your section title.

- Subheading : add your section subtitle.

2. Slider settings:

- Enable : by default, the logo list is displayed in a grid format. If you enable tick this checkbox, the logo list will be displayed in slider format.

- Show logo list in two lines : if you want customer can view more logos in the screen, you can tick this checkbox to display the logo list in two lines.

3. Add/Edit/Remove a logo:

Scroll down to bottom, you will see a button "Add logo", click this button to add a new logo. Or you can click one of the available logos to edit/remove it.

logo list edit

In each item:

- Image : upload your logo image or pick an available image from the gallery.

- Link : add the URL so that customer can go to this URL by clicking a logo.