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Flexible Collection list section

To modify the theme, you have to open the customize page. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to here.

With this section, you can display a list of collections in different layouts.

flexible collection list

To add a Flexible Collection List section, in customize page, just click "Add section" button then choose "Flexible Collection list", then click "Add" button.

flexible collection list add

Like other sections, this section also has the gutter configuration to help you create the distance between sections. View here for the details. In addition, this section also has own common settings.

1. General Settings:

- Heading : Add your text as the heading of the section.

- Subheading : add your text as the subheading of the section.

- Wide display : display the section in a wider way.

2. Add/Edit/Remove a collection list:

Scroll down to bottom, you will see a button "Add content", click this button to add a new collection list. Or you can click one of the available collection lists to edit/remove it.

flexible collection list add 1

Then click one of the available layouts.

flexible collection list add 2

At the time of writing, this section provides 4 different layouts. The below image will demonstrate how the layouts work.

flexible collection list layouts

In a collection list, each collection has same settings. Now we will show you the settings of a collection.

- Collection : pick a collection from your Shopify store. The image and button will have the link is the collection link.

- Pick an image : upload your image. If you leave empty, the featured image of specified collection will be shown.

- Use background color : show/hide the background color of collection title.

- Title background : set the background color for collection title. Only apply the background color when "Use background color" checkbox was ticked.

- Title color : set the color for collection title.

- Show button : show/hide the button below of collection title.

- Text and button position : this section provides 9 positions to display text and buttons.