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Currency settings

To modify the theme, you have to open the customize page. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to here.

These settings will help you show the price in multiple currencies and all the prices from your store can be automatically adjusted to the country of your customer.

To change these settings, in Customize page, click Theme Settings > Currency.

- Enable currency feature : if you untick this checkbox, all currency features will be ignored on your site.

- Enable auto currency switcher : tick this check box so that all the prices will be adjusted to the country of your customer.

- Show currency switcher : show currency picker on storefront so that customers can change to display in a currency they like.

- Format : choose whether to include the currency descriptor, such as USD or CAD, with the converted currency.

- Supported currencies : enter the code for each currency you want to support. Separate the supported currency codes with space.

- Default currency : enter the code for the currency that you want each new customer to see. You'll probably want to use your store's operating currency.