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Blog posts section

To modify the theme, you have to open the customize page. If you don't know how to do that, please refer to here.

With this section, you can display the posts from a specified blog on the homepage.

blog posts

To add new Blog post section, in customize page, just click "Add section" button then choose "Blog posts", then click "Add" button.

featured blog add

Like other sections, Blog posts section also has the gutter configuration to help you create the distance between sections. View here for the details. In addition, this section also has own common settings.

The settings:

- Heading : add section's title.

- Subheading : add section's subtitle.

- Blog : choose a blog to show the posts.

- Posts : the number of posts will be shown.

- Item size : adjust the number of items will be shown on screen.

Item size The number of items will be shown on screen
Desktop mobile
Small 3 2
Large 2 1

- Show author : display the author's name.

- Show date : display the created date of a post.

- Show 'View all' button : display the button customers can click it to go to a corresponding blog page.